🌏Web3 vs Web2

SolStream represents a significant leap forward in digital communication, leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to offer features that traditional Web2 apps like Youtube and Twitch cannot match. Here are several reasons why SolStream stands out and how it compares favorably with these Web2 giants:

1. Decentralization and Privacy

  • SolStream: Utilizes IPFS to decentralize data storage, ensuring that videos and games are not stored on a central server but on distributed file storage. This approach significantly enhances user privacy and security, as the data is distributed across many nodes in the network, making it much harder for unauthorized parties to access private data.

  • Youtube/Twitch: Operates on centralized servers owned by a single entity, which stores and controls access to user data. This centralization has raised concerns regarding privacy, data mining, and the potential for censorship or unauthorized data access.

2. Encryption and Security

  • SolStream: personal data are not shared, as login is done via phantom wallet, and SolStream does not store cookies for personal data

  • Youtube/Twitch: personal data as well as cookies are collected and used for various purposes (targeted ads)

3. Blockchain-based Features

  • SolStream: Integrates unique blockchain features such Videos as NFTs, Web3 Login, Video Streaming on IPFS . These features introduce a new level of functionality, combining financial transactions with communication in a seamless manner.

  • Youtube/Twitch: Lacks native cryptocurrency integration, limiting users to traditional forms of communication and third-party payment options.

4. Cost Efficiency and Tokenization

  • SolStream: Offers low transaction fees due to Solana's efficient blockchain, making it cost-effective for sending messages and using various features. Additionally, the $STREAM token introduces an ecosystem for rewards, staking, and accessing premium features.

  • Youtube/Twitch: Free to use but monetizes through advertising and data analysis. There is no direct cost to users, but they pay indirectly through exposure to ads and potential privacy compromises.

5. User Autonomy and Control

  • SolStream: Gives users full control over their data through blockchain technology. Users can manage their encryption keys and who has access to their communications, providing a level of autonomy not available in centralized platforms.

  • Youtube/Twitch: Users have limited control over their data and how it's used by the platform. Privacy settings and data management tools are provided, but the underlying control remains with the platform.

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