Our Features

Phantom Wallet Integration for Simplified Access: SolStream introduces seamless integration with Phantom Wallet, revolutionizing how you connect to the ecosystem. Say goodbye to traditional login methods and hello to direct access via your digital wallet. Your SOL balance or $STREAM tokens become keys to a vibrant community of enthusiasts, enabling interactions, tipping, NFT minting, and token staking in an immersive journey.

Decentralized Video Storage via IPFS: Leverage the power of IPFS for decentralized content storage, enhanced by a strategic partnership between Filecoin and Solana. This collaboration propels decentralized file storage forward, ensuring your video content remains independent from centralized entities like Amazon or Microsoft, embodying true decentralization.

Live Streaming Powered by Livepeer: Our protocol-sdk amplifies your gaming experience with a video highlight feature, courtesy of Livepeer. Tailor-made for gamers, this feature allows for effortless capture and sharing of peak streaming moments. Creating and sharing bite-sized clips has never been easier, encouraging discovery and connection within the gaming community.

Direct Support with Tokenized Donations: Enhance the streaming experience by donating $SOL or $STREAM tokens directly to your favorite creators. This innovative approach deepens the connection between streamers and viewers, fostering a supportive environment and opening new avenues for appreciation.

NFT and Token Drops for Enhanced Engagement: Unlock unprecedented levels of interaction with instant NFT and token drops, allowing streamers to reward their audience uniquely. This method increases engagement, offering a richer, more rewarding experience for all participants, making every moment on the platform memorable.

Invest in Gaming Assets with Ease: Discover the tangible value of gaming assets through our intuitive platform. From in-game items to collectibles, SolStream serves as a bridge to investing in the gaming world, offering lucrative opportunities to enhance your gaming portfolio and earn rewards.

Monetize with NFT Minting of Gaming Content: Turn your gaming achievements into assets by minting NFTs of your content, including videos and snapshots. Our platform simplifies the process, enabling gamers to showcase their skills and contribute to the community in innovative ways, all while gaining tangible rewards.

SolStream's Protocol-SDK is designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge blockchain technology with the gaming and streaming world, fostering an ecosystem where creators, gamers, and enthusiasts can thrive together.

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